Adam Salzer OAM

Transformer - Salzer Consulting Pty Ltd.

Contact: Adam@austta.org 

Glenn Casey

Business Transformation – Profit Improvement – Sourcing New Business (Principal)

Experienced CEO, NED and Business Transformation Consultant having implemented major projects in Australia and Europe. Provides exit opportunities for owners and profit improvement and sales and marketing strategies in the current dynamic market.

Contact glen.casey@transitiongrop.com.au           www.transitiongroup.com.au

Guy McKanna

Wealth management transformation - communications and people 

Australia's wealth management industry is starting to recognise that it needs to transform, but is still uncertain as to how. Good places to start are with their own people, ensuring they have the best possible people (not just those who are available). And then how they communicate with their stakeholders. 

Contact: Guy@superrecruiters.com.au www.superrecruiters.com.au

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