Kyle Loades joined Local Government Super (LGS) as its first independent Chair in November 2019, after more than two decades’ board experience across the community, public and commercial sectors.  As chair of NRMA, he presided over a period of major transformation that introduced an aggressive – and successful – strategy to become one of Australia’s foremost providers of transport and tourism services. He spoke to Cath Sullivan of SuperTalk.

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“Before becoming a non-executive director I founded and grew a business that was a disruptor in the mobility motor vehicle industry, and sold to a listed company in 2015.

In parallel, I’ve always been involved with community and business. By that I mean commercial interests, business chambers, charities and other boards – working with purpose-driven, member-focussed organisations and applying my commercial experience to look after the interests of those organisations and those they serve.”

Kyle goes on to talk about innovation and disruption:

“I’m interested in disruption more broadly, and how organisations respond to take advantage of change. If you look at technology-enabled emerging business models and platform businesses – such as Amazon and Facebook – they started from scratch and very quickly built sustainable customer-centric organisations, disrupting whole industries.

So the question for long standing organisations – like LGS, other super funds and mutuals like the NRMA and CUA – is how do we merge the best of the past with the future?”