Reflections and insights gained on going deeper on gratitude through 2020.

Through 2020 I had a self-awareness theme of gratitude. It started before the turbulence of the year revealed itself when I participated in a January Gratitude Challenge exercise with a group of leaders from around the globe.

The above the line/ below the line lens has been useful on my journey of personal self-awareness and engaging teams and organisations in rising to new levels of impact.  A simple visual of Above the line/ below the line and the subsequent discussions has been referred to by multiple business partners and clients as a breakthrough intervention in their path.

The journey with a more focused view on gratitude has been enlightening and often humbling as I saw where I was triggered, had blind spots, missed connections that were full of all sorts of positive potential. Even typing this I feel experiences and connections over the years where I missed being more grateful and that could have had more constructive impact.









Focusing self-awareness on gratitude has supported becoming more specific in awareness at an individual level of my Beliefs, and my Behaviours, and also questioned where the effective line is.

Below is a more comprehensive version than I have used previously which Yolanda Beattie, self-leadership & high functioning teams expert and inclusion & diversity advocate, shared with me which you may find useful.

Locating yourself: Above or below the line?
























My journey going deeper on just one aspect above the line – GRATITUDE has been a great teacher.

Going deeper on gratitude I realised that the line I had drawn was just an entry level, not the real benefits level.

There are many areas of my life for which I would say I am grateful.

Even within saying I am grateful there are levels – and it really does matter for the impact you project and receive in return.






“Glad to be here isn’t something you simply say. It’s something that defines who you are and your impact in the world.”

~ John Foley, Former Lead Solo Pilot, Blue Angels

In your reflection, or coaching others have you seen that light glowing of being truly grateful and glad to be here versus someone just saying they are grateful?

It is significantly different for the benefits you receive individually and as a high performing organisation.

What has been your experience?