About Bernie

Bernie has over 25 years leading in complex transformation & turnaround environments as both an Executive and Exec Mentor. He is on a quest for more intentional transition than people stuck and disrupted in this transformative decade. Building on his track record for setting up leaders & teams for success. He contributes through Traction Mentoring with Exec teams, and Change-fitness specialist for Consulting teams on larger transformation programs. He is the author of TRACTION: the 4 practices of change-fit leadership teams and numerous articles supporting building change-fitness to effectively navigate this decade. He is passionate about creating space for other industry leaders and thought leaders to engage Australian organisations in positive transformation. He is active in this through the Australian Transformation Association and Hosting Transformers Unite video series.

Transformation leader, Transform thyself


  While leaders have been busy responding to the twists and turns of Covid19 responses we all know that when we get back to the transformation work it will not [...]

Transformation leader, Transform thyself2020-08-13T12:02:57+10:00

Most Legacy Companies Are Not Change-Fit


  Most Legacy Companies are not Change-fit according to leading Executives Seeking more transition, less stuck in disruption I am on a quest that we see more organisations set for [...]

Most Legacy Companies Are Not Change-Fit2020-07-30T14:45:35+10:00

Time perspectives mismatch – watch out now!


  Leading a team through a disruptive period watch out for the ‘time perspectives mismatch’ and the unintended consequences that derail once clear & aligned teams. The time perspectives mismatch [...]

Time perspectives mismatch – watch out now!2020-07-30T14:43:33+10:00

Please Don’t Be Lonely At The Top!


I ask with care for you and your organisation please don’t be lonely at the top! There are so many deep conundrums, so many challenges without precedent, currently on the [...]

Please Don’t Be Lonely At The Top!2020-07-23T11:32:21+10:00

“If…, but…, maybe…, depends…”


- you need to look at your management disciplines. Adding simple diagnostics to our repertoire can be empowering. Read on how listening for these words can be a tell-tale diagnostic [...]

“If…, but…, maybe…, depends…”2020-07-17T10:53:46+10:00