Are you disrupting existing markets?

“Disruptors don’t beat you at your own game… they change the rules,” – the Digital Disruption Research Group

Our members lead or are substantially involved in helping organisations that are disrupting their environments. Typically they will help organisations to overcome a number of common problems faced by disruptors:

  • operating cycle planning, including process and funding
  • maintaining control and focus while expanding rapidly
  • maintaining control and focus while transforming core services
  • preparing for unseen (but often ‘common’) disruption challenges
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AusTTA members and our network of experts can ensure you maintain control and obtain the support, knowledge and advice that will help you succeed.
Our members have done it all before – learn from them – rather than making your own mistakes, mistakes you don’t have to make.

Is your business set up to thrive in the face of disruption?

“At least 40% of businesses will fail in the next 10 years if they don’t change their entire company to cope with new technologies,” – John Chambers, Executive Chairman, Cisco System

Many of Australia’s largest companies and industries are struggling to cope with the changes being driven by global and local digital disruptors. But there is a way out. Transformational professionals can help position your company as leaders in today’s digitally disrupted world.

As the peak industry association for transformation and turnaround professionals, AusTTA is able to share expertise, experience and industry knowledge to help Australian companies better adapt to this dynamic an chaotic world.

We provide a platform for innovative problem solvers from the frontline of business transformation and turnaround management to exchange insights and experiences. These are the people who are making day-to-day decisions that shape the future of businesses in Australia – and around the world.

Transformation and turnaround management are business skills that attract high-energy, innovative executives with entrepreneurial spirit.

AusTTA professional members are highly experienced in designing and leading a range of activities across almost every industry:

  • Organisation transformation and turnaround
  • Revenue growth identification
  • Productivity improvement
  • Working capital and capex optimisation
  • Acquisitions, carve-Outs and mergers
  • Strategy development, implementation and integration

Innovation means little without lasting transformation and AusTTA members have the tools and experience to plan, manage and deliver successful transformation needed to face into market and organisational disruption.

If you are leading or consulting to an organisation or industry that is more challenged than ever before, AusTTA can help you access and develop the tools and capabilities you need to future-proof your organisation.

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