AusTTA QLD & NT Chapter – Transformation Roundtable

AusTTA QLD & NT Chapter – Transformation Roundtable
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How did a small town in Western Queensland become known as “the Hollywood of the Outback”?

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming AusTTA QLD Chapter Transformation Roundtable event. This free event will be held online on Wednesday 14 April from 12.30-1.30PM.


John Elliott is our special guest. He will share a case study on “Winton’s journey: A uniquely Australian transformation story”, followed by a roundtable discussion.


How is a small and remote Queensland town fast becoming known as the Hollywood of the outback? The Queensland town of Winton is the topic for this event. This is an unconventional transformation story. Winton has achieved growing prominence as a tourism destination and cultural centre through an underdog spirit, ingenuity and persistence.


At this event John Elliott will share Winton’s story through the themes of purpose, place, partnerships and people. Join us to discuss this uniquely Australian transformation story. Gain inspiration and practical ideas to for your own transformation journey.


John Elliott is an author, photographer, and Australian tourism advocate. John lived in Winton and worked as Tourism, Events and Film Officer from 2015 to 2020. During his career John has published 14 books on Australian people and places, including several on Australian communities undergoing significant social and economic change.


John’s presentation will be followed by an interactive Q&A.


This free event is open to AusTTA members and anyone working in or with an interest in transformation or turnaround.


Please note:

  • Please ensure you register for this event.
  • This event will be recorded and shared in the AusTTA Linkedin Group afterwards.


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