Transformational leadership – insights and war stories

Transformational leadership – insights and war stories
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Topic: the pace and importance of change has escalated in recent years. Organisations are facing a rapid acceleration of disruption, innovation, changing business models and consumer empowerment.

At the forefront of every executive’s mind today is the question “How do I keep up with today’s change and ensure my organisation has the competitive advantage?”

Executives, Boards and senior management have to enhance their capabilities and way-of-working to lead their organisations into this new world.

To assist senior leaders to improve the effectiveness of their Transformations, the Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association (AusTTA) undertook research across its database of 1,400 professionals.

Adam Salzer, Chair of AusTTA and 6-times winner of Transformational Leader of the Year for Asia, will present in Sydney and Glen Casey, Deputy Chair of AusTTA and ex-CEO of some of Australia’s largest industrial groups will present in Melbourne.

Join us at our upcoming OnTarget Seminar where Adam and Glen will provide insights into best practices of Transformational Leadership, reinforced by real examples where failures and successes have occurred due to leadership practices.

The presentation will address:

  • Developing strategic options versus traditional approach to corporate strategy
  • The key success factors to a successful transformation
  • Ensuring Transformation Success by analysing past failures, management limitations and day-to-day operational pressures
  • Using evidence-based management techniques to drive deep multi-year reinventions
  • Managing multi-year change where human capability requirements are different and significant restructuring is involved

If you are responsible for leading, influencing or contributing to the direction of your organisation, don’t miss this event.

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