What is a Fellow of Transformation Management?

What is a Fellow of Transformation Management?
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Join us for a discussion that will cover

Customer Focus (empowerment & supply chain focus)
Strategy (scenarios & Stakeholders)
Managing Risk (unknown/unknown & risk tolerance)”
Getting’Disruption (new technologies, science & business models)
Leadership (capability & focus)
People (communication & change – see C.1 to C.4 below)
Ethics & Purpose (inclusion, integrity & clarity)
Ways of working (culture, operating model)
Measurement (EBM, benefits tracking)
Innovation (collaboration & commercialisation)
Compliance (Governance, legal, finance & tech)
Portfolio Management (incl program & project management)
Thursday 17th May from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
ANU Canberra – sponsored by ANU’s Research School of Management

Contact Adam Salzer for more details