What will you learn?


Over a series of four masterclasses, you will learn to recognise and respond to changes in the macro environment that will necessitate either a radically new business model or a [...]

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Who Should Enroll?


The program is designed to up-skill experienced Transformation Managers to advise Boards and Government Departments. This includes: Chief Transformation Officers, Change Management Executives, Change Project Managers, Any leader with an [...]

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How can I get involved?


The good news is you can get involved in ways that suits your situation: Become a Member and gain access to member discounts, access to our members section on our [...]

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How does the accreditation program work?


We have a three-tier transformational leadership structure: Associate Membership ($150.00 per year) – our entry level membership with access to discounted events and training courses. Practicing Membership ($295.00 per year) [...]

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What’s in it for me?


If you’re involved in delivering transformation programs or you’re a transformational senior leader looking to increase the success rates of your transformations through enhancing your knowledge and network of transformation [...]

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Who typically joins the AusTTA?


Transformation Leads and those aspiring to lead transformations Consultants working in transformation and allied areas Divisional Leaders and C-level Executives Project, Program and Change Managers Strategy Professionals Board Directors

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