Put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others.

The people I work with are leading transformative phases in their organisation and industry.

A common trait I see is the deep commitment to their work; they are givers by nature – particularly on the Mission they are leading. Talking with them, there is the theme of serving others… serving a bigger game. Looking out for their team, their customers, their shareholders, their family.

Leading a transformative phase can feel “all in”; it takes engagement of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Without an awareness of self-care this can actually be a work hazard for leaders.

This brings us to an often missed step in transition planning – the important safety and survival rule we have all heard many times when preparing to fly:

“Put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others.”



I find most leaders have a general awareness around this topic, yet few have a comprehensive framework to discuss the habits that will support them through the personal, team and organisational developments they are leading.

In conversation the ACTIVITY (such as Purpose, Focus, Fitness) is typically called out by those that reflect on the topic.

Just like the importance of ‘front desk’ in a service business, that makes a lot of sense.  However, all of us that have led service businesses know that the service excellence is enabled by platforms and replenishment that go on behind the scenes.

Keeping it going, being the best version of ourselves as leaders, through a transformative phase, is just the same and is best served by consciously created platforms and replenishment. Platforms and replenishment that support all that activity we are doing and the further work we know we still need to do.

The ‘Habits That Serve’ framework by Matt Church is a very useful tool for considering the comprehensive view.



Each frame is a model in itself.

The platform for your Spirit / Soul of your Belief framework from emptiness to hope

The platform for your Mind of your Discipline from sabotage to lift

The platform for your Body of your Nutrition from exhaust to fuel


The replenishment for your Spirit / Soul of Beauty integrated into your life from isolated to connected

The replenishment for your Mind of Meditation perspective from chaos to calm

The replenishment for your Body of taking Rest from decay to growth


Have you thought about your platforms and replenishment?

Is this a conversation you have had with your leadership team?

Leading a transformative phase? Put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others.