Welcome to the AusTTA monthly Government Transformation Guild podcast. The topic of this podcast is transforming the Australian Public Service (APS) by 2030.

The AusTTA Transformational Leadership Program, developed in partnership with the Australian National University (ANU), was made up of 14 professionals from a range of sectors and industries. For the inaugural program, one of the two cohorts considered the future of the APS and what it needs to look like in 2030 to meet the needs of its customers.  A key outcome of this research is the mindsets and ways of working needed for this transformation to be successful.

Input was received from across the APS, including the Australian Public Service Commission, Treasury and Finance, as well as the private sector. This podcast focuses on aspects of this research, including trends and potential disruptions affecting the APS and high-level research findings.

We hope you enjoy this podcast and that you will join us for another transformation topic next month.

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