Where do we need to focus to build capability?

‘Where do we need to focus to build capability?’ is a conversation that is recurring among those who are accountable for building corporate leadership capability, and within the proactive transformation professional community reflecting on their own, ongoing development.

Being accountable for step change results: It all needs to come together.

Leaders (inner work)        – the base for engaging ‘hearts and minds’

Teams                                – functional awareness and cross-functional collaboration

Organisation                     – systems thinking

Value System / Society   – complexity


Academics, and those focused on theory, have the privilege to scope and focus. Implementers need to bring it all together in a way that is fit for the context. A big picture and integrated connections view is required.

The famously stated low success rates of organisational step change initiatives is indicative of leaders being blind to parts of the context and perspectives.


Interesting Statistics

The big picture and integrated view means taking a broader view than a specific discipline or specialty.



Being a transformative leader means playing a role that has a ripple effect through the organisation.



What has been your experience?