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Welcome to the Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association - the premier body for executives from the private and public sectors who are interested or engaged in change, disruption and/or transformation


Most of Australia’s largest companies and industries are struggling to cope with the pace and size of the changes being driven by increasing competition, new technologies and new business models.

AusTTA brings together professionals in change management, disruption and transformation to share expertise, experience and knowledge to help organisations thrive in today's changing world. 

If you are a professional who thrives on the challenges of transforming and improving organisations you should join us. Our members are typically responsible for:


- Assisting organisations to restructure successfully by responding in a timely manner to digital and other disruption

- Minimise the distress caused by disruption

Transformation and turnaround

- Return under-performing organisations to sustainable viability and accelerated growth 

- Maximise the opportunities resulting from organisational transformation


- Support dynamic growth in emerging organisations based on new technology and/or new business models

- Reduce risk and accelerate growth for emerging organisation


Advocate for Australian organisations to respond positively to the opportunities presented by change and disruption and ensure leaders are better equiped 

Improve understandingpromote an understanding of transformation techniques at an individual, organisation and community level - through a multi-level membership with exposure through media/social media and networking events

Train and communicate - provide opportunities for members to stay ahead of trends in this exceedingly dynamic environment, via events and other forms of information exchange  

Mentoring - mentor high-growth companies and not-for-profit organisations to reach their full potential and aspiring transformation professionals to improve their skills

Lead transformation - AusTTA brings together professionals who have managed change, disruption and transformation to share their expertise, experience and knowledge to help organisations thrive in today's changing world.

Global network -AusTTA is affiliated with the IfT, Europe's leading professional body for accredited experts who drive step change in organisations of all types and also the Asia Transformation and Turnaround Association. It also incorporates the Australian Digital Disruption Association.


Join the people who make day-to-day decisions that shape the future of organisations in Australia and help new ones grow. 

1 - Join our free LinkedIn group to keep-up-to-date, learn, share ideas, information and network with like-minded people see more here.

2 - Apply for associate or practicing membership via this site to be more actively involved in the transformation agenda.

4 - Become a specialist Fellow of Transformation through our course with ANU.

5 - Contact us if you would like help to future-proof your organisation or help it grow. Our members know the secrets to successful transformation having been on the frontline of many major projects.


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Learn the latest about digital disruption, innovation, change management, transformation at one of our events


AusTTA offers training and development to members including a unique course for experienced practitioners in partnership with the Australian National University - more Info


NOT A MEMBER YET?   If you work in a Transformation or Turnaround leadership role, or you aim to as part of your career path, then you need to join AusTTA 

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