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Welcome to the Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association

Today’s leaders recognise that they and their organisation need to reinvent themselves to avoid being assigned to the pages of history. AusTTA Research has shown that most are uncertain as to how to design and implement this fundamental reinvention.


Join the people who make day-to-day decisions that shape the future of organisations in Australia and help new ones grow.

Change, disruption and transformation are challenging, AusTTA members are acknowledged world leaders, experts who want to give back to others.

We do not promote any particular segment, sector or organisation – just application of professionalism and experience to each Transformational journey.

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Is your organisation set to thrive in the face of today’s increasing competition and disruption?

“At least 40% of businesses will fail in the next 10 years if they don’t change their entire company to cope with new technologies,”

John Chambers Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems.

Many organisations are struggling to cope with today’s changes. There is a solution. As the peak association for transformation and turnaround, not-for-profit AusTTA is able to share expertise, experience and industry knowledge to help you better adapt and thrive.

Upcoming Events

QUT Education Program in Transformation

Working with the Queensland University of Technology, AusTTA has established a pathway to qualification in Transformation. The program has been designed by leading international scholars with cutting-edge, proprietary research in the fields of organisational behaviour, change management and project management to build your confidence and skills to become one of Australia’s leading agents for transformational change. 

AusTTA members receive a discount on QUT fees when they enroll and completion of this course will assist Practicing Members in their qualifications for Fellow of Transformational Leadership.

Who Should Enroll?

The program is designed to up-skill experienced Transformation Managers to advise Boards and Government Departments. This includes:

  • Chief Transformation Officers, 
  • Change Management Executives, 
  • Change Project Managers, 
  • Any leader with an interest in change and transformation

What will you learn?

Over a series of four masterclasses, you will learn to recognise and respond to changes in the macro environment that will necessitate either a radically new business model or a significant change in direction as an existing business model become unviable. 

Participants will learn from one another via a unique living case study and interactive learning activities over six months.

Meet Your Facilitators 

Professor Byron Keating,
QUT Business School

Dr Shari Read,
Corporate Educator QUTeX

Find out more on the QUT website now

“Very punchy and a ‘must read’ for every board – especially these days” – a leading regional CEO.


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